Keeping the Scoreboard

Updated Sunday March 24, 2019 by BYB.

Home teams manage scorebook, Visitors manage the scoreboards!!!

Official Time is Kept on the Field by the Umpires - The scoreboard clock is to remain off

Thank you for signing your child up to play baseball with Bentonville Youth Baseball.  Part of the volunteer need during the season is for parents to be a part of the game by helping with the scorebook and scoreboard.  Your coach will assign you at some point in the season to work either the scoreboard or scorebook.  When you do these, you will be an OFFICIAL of the game.

Both parents (one from each team) will need to be in the scorer’s box with the OFFICIAL scorebook and the scoreboard controller.

When you are the official scorebook keeper, and as an official of the game, your responsibility is to score for BOTH teams and not show bias while scoring

As an example: It is not permitted to let your team's coach or the umpire know that the other team is batting out of order, etc.)

Pursuant to Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Rule: The umpire (game official) shall not direct the attention of any person to the presence in the batter’s box of an improper batter.  The rule is designed to require constant vigilance by the players and managers of both teams

Both parents should double check with each other that the scoreboard and scorebook are aligned.  You might also at a point during a game be asked by the umpire to verify things like the Ball and Strike count or number of outs.   And the umpire will let you be aware of any substitutions, which you will enter into the scorebook.

Instruction for both keeping score as well as operation the score board are available on this website

Thank you very much for your help to make the season a success for all of our baseball players.

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